Meet the team behind Karve, read about who we are, our expertise and our years of experience in your industry.



Operating across competitive and dynamic markets, with a group of self-starters who share a passion for high performance, we have built an enviable culture at Karve that is solutions-driven, high energy and innovative.

Lloyd fallesen, CEO
Ed Baylis, COO
Charlie Penwarden, Head of Marketing
Tori Fallesen, Head of Sustainability
Natalie Chan, Risk & Governance
Richard W Myatt, Market Director

market experts

Beyond the leadership, our extensive team of vetted market experts bring a wealth of experience to the platform. All have operated at the forefront of their field, have recent first-hand market experience, and adopt an innovative and disruptive approach to problems. With Karve, you’re in safe hands.



Increasingly, Governments in Western liberal societies and international institutions are grappling with the pace at which the private sector develops technology.

In response, systems and frameworks are being adapted to align programme delivery to private opportunity, however delivery frictions remain. These newly adopted public sector systems & frameworks present nascent and novel market-entry opportunities.

However, often these are fraught with delivery risk, and do not guarantee long-term success. The importance of a well-informed strategy within this evolving market space is critical to success.




Our honest and personable approach is the bedrock of our success. Our relationships underpin everything we do. We are defined by trust and integrity.


We read and interpret market knowledge and new trends, providing strategic input and advisory support to our clients with a mindset of meaning fully enhancing and growing client businesses over the medium to longer term.


We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to consistently deliver. Taking an active interest in the people we work with, the industries we work in and the cultures that bring them together allows us to provide a service we are proud of.


Our team consists of high-energy individuals that go above beyond for our clients. We value our clients relationships as an enduring partnership, and relentlessly strive for sustainable success.


Loyalty is important to us – we carefully select our clients and ensure once a partnership has been agreed, we deliver against our promise through to the end.

Our Eco Pledge

Have you ever thought about how many carbon emissions are generated by online activity? At Karve, we believe each of us can contribute to a solution. We signed up to Ecologi, a UK based organisation that believe in empowering the billions of us who care to support climate change solutions. Together, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint, create a climate-positive workforce, fund Gold standard sustainability projects and help plant trees worldwide. We’ve enrolled all of our experts with Ecologi’s monthly climate-positive subscription. We’ve also committed to plant a spinney, (that’s 10 trees) for every new employee and a thicket, (that's 50 trees!) for every new customer.

Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

Karve is proud to have signed The Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, committing to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community. We recognise the value serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to our business and will seek to uphold the full set of principles of the Covenant, ensuring they are treated fairly.

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