Strategy development

Are you an innovator with a ground-breaking solution ready to take on the world? Do you envision your product reaching new markets and making a significant global impact? Let Karve guide you on this exhilarating journey.

HOw we make a difference:

This depth of knowledge and connectivity allows us to support clients with:

Dual-use opportunity alignment

Assess how your innovation aligns with multi-government initiatives, leveraging dual-use capabilities for cross-government objectives.

Funding Strategies

Explore both innovation and conventional funding avenues for short- and medium-term success.

Global Expansion

Capitalize on multi-nation procurement opportunities, transcending borders for international impact.

Cultural & Regulatory Guidance

Navigate foreign markets with insights into diverse cultures and complex regulations.

Strategic Alliances

Accelerate market entry and global presence through strategic partnerships.

Risk Mitigation

Anticipate and mitigate global expansion risks, safeguarding your venture'ssuccess.


Take advantage of our tried-and-tested process that has successfully delivered an average return on investment of 5,315% above Karve’s fees to innovative companies like yours.

Step 1

Client Workshops & Alignment

Conduct the Karve partner pre-qualification assessment.

step 2

Market Research & Analysis

Karve conducts thorough research of the global market landscape.
Balanced against Karve’s intimate experience and understanding of market.
Identify target regions with growth potential.
Analyses market trends, competition, and consumer behaviours.

step 3

Tailored Global Expansion Strategy

Karve Develops a customised roadmap.
Ensure alignment with the product's unique value proposition and global aspirations.
Integrated multiple funding sources or opportunities
Key engagement activities and individuals mapped

territory expansion

Our experienced team of industry strategists hold on-the-ground intelligence of key market movements that will improve the success of contract funding – aligned with client ambition.

unlock your potential

Join forces with Karve and unlock your innovation's full potential on a global stage. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, and together, we'll redefine possibilities and create a lasting legacy of success.

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