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[WEBINAR] Funding to Delivery: Accelerating Game Changing Technology Into Defence

Published on
September 20, 2023

On 20th September 2023, Karve & MAKE UK Defence are hosting a collaborative webinar for innovators to better understand the holistic environment of funding and how to accelerate technology into Defence.



Lloyd Fallesen

Lloyd founded Karve in 2021. He is a former Royal Marines Commissioned Officer, with 12 years’ service including numerous operational tours and specialist international deployments.

Karve’s entrepreneurial approach to sales strategy and business development is directly drawn from Lloyd’s diverse experience in some of the most demanding corporate and government departments. This includes working across multiple strategic UK Defence transformation programmes, as well as strategy execution in a multi-agency security environment.

Prior to founding Karve, Lloyd helped successfully secure seed investment and scale an international start-up. His passion for building trustworthy and outcome-focused teams runs throughout Karve’s DNA.

Lloyd will be discussing Karve's top tips for accelerating tech into Defence.

Max Breet

Max is the European Operations Director at Anduril Industries, Inc and has also held several Executive Account Management positions since joining the company in 2020.  

Formerly a Royal Marines Commando (2010-2020), Max spent his first career completing a series of deployments in MENA with 3 Commando Brigade and latterly owning a portfolio of product management for MAB in robotics and autonomy. True to the Commando Ethos, Max won the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2019 and set a new record for greatest distance rowed on an ocean in a 24-hrs period.

He is also a Co-Founder of the Moving Mountains Project – a non-profit initiative designed to connect, support and inspire asylum seekers and refugees through activities in the great outdoors.

Max will be teaching lessons from scaling technology globally.

William McManners

WIlliam is a VC Investor, Investment Director and former Major in the United Kingdom Special Forces’ Special Boat Service. He has extensive global National Security experience having delivered a range of Special Forces Operations and Projects involving the most complex civilian and military technology platforms.

As a VC Investor, William ideated and launched the Investbridge Capital AgTech Venture Capital Fund alongside George Askew. In 2021 he co-founded, and remains a shareholder in, a specialist Security Company which continues to operate in the Private and Public sectors.

William brings previous experience from BlackRock, Palantir and Investbridge Capital, holds an MBA and the Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

WIlliam will be discussing the current venture funding landscape for security start-ups.

Commander Edward Ebbern

Edward is the founder of the Defence BattleLab, a tech accelerator, testing and experimentation site for new and emerging technology in support of Defence and National Security in the UK.

Having worked for an extensive period of time in the defence innovation ecosystem, Ed’s presentation will cover the current defence innovation landscape and how the BattleLab is aiming to close the gap between businesses, defence users and their problem sets.

Edward will be explaining how Defence is evolving to meet threats.

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