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[WEBINAR] Funding To Delivery: Accelerating Technology Into Defence

Published on
October 9, 2023

Team Defence Information & Karve are delighted to be hosting an online webinar with subject matter experts from across the defence industry giving their insights on delivering game changing technology into defence through smart funding.

Watch the webinar recording below


(1) Karve’s Top Tips for Accelerating Technology into Defence

Speaker: Lloyd Fallesen, Founder & CEO at Karve

Session Overview: Lloyd will provide insights into the ever-changing landscape of defence technology. This session will highlight Karve's best practices for successfully navigating these changes, focusing on agility, innovation, and alignment with defence objectives.

(2) Lessons Learned from Scaling Game-Changing Technology Globally

Speaker: Max Breet, Operations Director at Anduril

Session Overview: Max will share a case study from Anduril, illustrating the journey of scaling a game-changing technology globally. From initial concept to global implementation, the session will cover the key milestones, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

(3) Venture Funding for National Security Start-ups

Speaker: Will McManners, Investor at MD One Ventures

Session Overview: Will McManners will delve into the unique funding opportunities available for national security start-ups. The discussion will include the criteria venture capitalists look for and how to position a start-up for success in this specific field.

(4) How Defence is Evolving to Meet the Threats of Tomorrow

Speaker: Ed Ebbern, Managing Director at BattleLab

Session Overview: Ed will present an innovator's viewpoint on how defence technology is evolving to address emerging threats. This session will cover current trends, innovative solutions, and future directions.

​Looking forward to seeing you there.

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