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Innovation Unleashed: Navigating Procurement Pitfalls for Novel Tech

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December 12, 2023

In December, we hosted a webinar in partnership with SW Regional Defence and Security Cluster (SWRDSC) titled Innovation Unleashed: Navigating Procurement Pitfalls in National Security. This online event delivered practical insights for SMEs and non-traditional businesses looking to break into the National Security market, a domain known for its intricate procurement processes and risk-averse nature, particularly towards cutting-edge technology.

The webinar kicked off with a welcome address by Phil Tarry from SWRDSC, setting the stage for a series of expert presentations. Lloyd Fallesen, Founder and CEO of Karve, opened the session by sharing his journey from founding Karve to its current client successes. Drawing on his extensive experience in the Royal Marines and UK Defence transformation programmes, Lloyd emphasised Karve's unique network-based sales strategies and the importance of building outcome-focused teams.

Luca Leone, Head of Digital & Chief of Staff at AERALIS, then took the microphone. His presentation titled 'Overcoming Challenges to Delivering Digital Solutions into National Security' drew from his vast experience in the defence and aerospace sectors. Leone highlighted the significance of adapting and scaling digital solutions in this competitive landscape.

Next, Dr. David Whetham, Professor of Ethics and the Military Profession at King’s College London, delivered a thought-provoking talk on 'Embedding Ethics into Design and Development Processes'. David's expertise in military ethics and advisory roles in various defence organizations underpinned the criticality of ethical considerations in defence technology development.

Karl Eze, CEO of Point Zenith, concluded the individual presentations. His topic 'Navigating Regulatory Challenges in Product Compliance' focused on the complexities of ensuring regulatory compliance in developing and delivering innovative security technologies.

The webinar concluded with a summarising address by Lloyd Fallesen and a closing statement from Phil Tarry. Thanks for everyone for joining, we hope the event provided a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the national security sector for emerging businesses and offered practical strategies for navigating this complex landscape.

Watch the webinar recording below

If you're struggling with the challenges identified in the webinar and want to know more about how Karve delivers an average of 6,000% return on investment for its clients, then contact one of our Strategic Growth Managers on

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